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Retirement Mortgages

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If you are approaching retirement or have already retired and you are looking for a mortgage or re-mortgage, then we may have the perfect solution for you.
Maybe you wish to move home, consolidate debts* or replace an existing mortgage that is coming to an end but do not wish to consider an equity release product.  If so, then why not consider a mortgage into retirement?  This will enable you to borrow funds and retain them beyond your normal retirement date as there is no maximum age for a mortgage.
We have access to lenders who will consider you for a mortgage even if your income is made up entirely from pensions, rental or investment income.

Interest  Only Mortgages Available from 4.90 % (5 yr Fixed ) 
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We have High Street lenders who will give you a mortgage up until age 95 plus, either on an interest only or capital repayment basis.

So if you have been asking yourself "can I have a mortgage at my age", then the answer is YES!
Many high street lenders are now unwilling to allow a mortgage over a period that extends beyond normal retirement dates, even though many people now plan to work to age 70 and beyond.
We have lenders that take a more flexible approach and will consider a retirement mortgage based on earned income to age 80 (where applicants plan to work until this age) and to age 95 plus if affordability of the mortgage is based on pension, rental or investment income.
Retirement Mortgages
A mortgage for pensioners or a mortgage into retirement is often most suitable for people who do not need to keep the funds for life and wish to repay it at some stage in the future.
If however you do need funds on a lifetime basis, click here for further information.

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Interest Only Mortgages Available With Long Term Fixed Rates and a Free Valuation and Legal Package
A retirement mortgage or pensioner mortgage is normally selected by clients who have considered equity release but feel it does not suit their needs.  
Please ask for your free personalised key facts illustration.

A retirement mortgage or pensioner mortgage could be the ideal solution for you.  We offer mortgages over any term, regardless of age.
You may have an existing mortgage that is coming to an end and you either have no repayment vehicle or an endowment policy that is going to leave you with a shortfall.  
Retirement Mortgages
Retirement mortgages could be suitable if you are moving home or wish to re-mortgage. They can be used to consolidate debts, replace a mortgage that is coming to an end or to raise funds for almost any purpose*.
You do not have to be already retired to take out the schemes we offer.


Retirement Mortgages
We have access to lenders who will allow you to run a buy to let mortgage on either an interest only or repayment basis up until your 90th birthday or beyond.  
They also have no minimum income requirements and would base all borrowing on the rental income that the property produces.

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*If you wish to re-mortgage to consolidate other non secured debts you should be aware that by taking the mortgage over a longer term, then you may pay back more in interest over the term. You should also be aware that by incorporating unsecured debts into a mortgage you are effectively making them into secure debts and potentially putting your home at risk if you do not maintain repayments.
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