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Life Assurance

Just because you are aged over 55 doesn't mean that you still don't need life cover.

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Life Assurance
Maybe you still have a mortgage or other debts that you wish to protect or loved ones you would wish to leave financially secure if the worst were to happen.
As you approach retirement, the only cover that seems to be available are so called funeral plans that provide in the region of £3,000 on death to cover burial costs.  We have other solutions.
Life Assurance
Independent for Life Assurance

We can arrange life assurance from the whole of the market, therefore offering you the cheapest premium regardless of your age.
Many insurers will not cover you beyond age 65 but we have access to providers who will allow you to take out life assurance through to age 85 or even on a whole of life basis.
"Can I still get life assurance if I have health problems?"
Having access to all insurance providers means that we know which insurers are more flexible with different medical issues and have successfully arranged cover for applicants who in their past have had health problems such as cancer, heart trouble, diabetes and high blood pressure.


Life Assurance
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Example of cost
Mr and Mrs S are both aged 65 and non smokers and wish to take out life assurance to cover the £60,000 capital repayment mortgage they took out over a 10 year term.
Assuming that they were accepted at standard rates, they would pay a monthly premium of £41.83.


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