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Rates are currently available from 3.74% 5 year  Discounted Variable rate  (4.89% APRC).  


An interest only loan of £100,000 based on this interest rate would give initial payments of £311.33 per month. 

This is based on a 10 year term (with 120 monthly payments) and assuming at the end of the five years, you then went onto the lenders standard variable rate, you would pay back a total of £146,700 including the £100,000 borrowed, which would be due to be repaid at the end of the term.

The lender would charge a £850 product fee, which can be added to the loan if required.  You would have a free valuation and free solicitors for re-mortgages and would also be charged our standard broker fee of £995 payable on completion.

The actual rate would depend on your individual circumstances.


Please ask for your free personalised key facts illustration.

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