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Our Service
We are comprehensive Retirement Mortgage and Lifetime Mortgage specialists and tailor our recommendations to meet your specific needs.
You do not have to be already retired to take out the schemes we offer.
We are happy to provide you with information, illustrations and advice all without any obligation.
We also offer other specialist products such as short term mortgages, Buy to Let schemes for older borrowers and life assurance for older applicants.
We charge no upfront fees.

Retirement Mortgages

We originally started out as lifetime mortgage advisers but quickly realised that not everyone needed funds on a lifetime basis.  

Numerous people aged over 55 have difficulty in obtaining a mortgage as their current lender may be reluctant to allow them to borrow beyond normal retirement ages.
Many of our enquiries come from people who want an interest only mortgage to be repaid by downsizing in the future, but again have found their current lender unhelpful.
We have access to several High Street Building Societies that take a far more flexible and understanding approach.

Fixed   and  Discounted rates  available  

Remember, you do not have to be already retired to take out the schemes we offer.

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Lifetime Mortgages

Lifetime mortgages are designed for people who are looking to borrow funds on a lifetime basis.
They can be used to either purchase a new property or to release funds from your existing home.
Lifetime mortgages are available to anyone aged over 55 and can be obtained regardless of your credit history.
Interest rates on lifetime mortgages are fixed for life.  

You can either choose to pay the interest monthly so that the amount owed does not increase or make no payments with all interest added to the loan.

Lifetime Mortgages

Lifetime Mortgages Available With Fixed Interest Rates For Life

Our goal at Berkley Vittoria Independent Financial Services is to provide a friendly, professional service to our clients.

We offer gentle, non-pressurised advice and will allow you to consider your options in your own time.  We cover the whole of the United Kingdom.
We will not contact you unless you request us to do so.
Whether you are looking for a mortgage into retirement on a capital repayment or interest only basis or a lifetime mortgage product, rest assured that we will recommend the right solution for you.

Fixed rates for life available from 3.75%.

We will find the right mortgage for your individual situation.

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